Hi Susan – Sounds like your crabapple is the victim of “apple scab” — a common fungal ailment in humid areas (like mine). each day to bloom properly, so it is best to avoid semi-shaded positions when planting. I have had this for years. You can click on his  post about treating blackspot here:    https://www.agardenforthehouse.com/2012/05/got-black-spot-get-milk/   It seems easy enough: add one part milk to two parts water, and spray once a week. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try…. Pick up any fallen leaves, too. Stir the mixture well and let sit in a warm place for three days. Usually in mid to late July. It will be interesting to see how the deer respond to milk- flavoured leaves…, Does this milk solution work on Peonies? Love your site!! I don’t know how I missed seeing this whe it first appeared but I’m glad to have stumbled across it now, Kevin. I used 10 drops of tea tree oil in 1/4 glass of water, and it worked on 1st try. mada – Glad you tried the milk and water solution. I have read pretty well all the comments on the treatment of roses. UPDATE: After spraying my roses weekly during the summers of 2012 through 2019, I discovered the method really works. Roses also prefer to grow without root competition from other The actual roses look brown and burned when the blooms start to open up. This is my 1st yr. I have found that brownish outer petals and general Brown petal is caused by thrips. Best regards Allan L. Hello! Thank you. K. R. Thanks Kevin ! Joan – I know the milk-and-water solution works on blackspot and also powdery mildew, so maybe it will work on whatever fungus has attacked your black-eyed susan plants. I watered only leaves and only tops of them, but entire plant completely recovered from black spots. It’s winter here, but will try in early spring. Hi Kevin. I’m glad I found an organic alternative and will give it a try. Black spot can kill your rose bushes. It has to be remembered whatever method is used you must organise an overall system and don’t look to find one solution to solve all the problems. One is a solution made with baking soda: dissolve 1 teaspoon baking soda in a quart of water, add a few drops of liquid soap to the mix to help it cling better to the foliage, spray infected plants thoroughly. Your site was one that came to my attention and decide to try the method you described. Many of my friends, who live in more heavily deer infested areas, have also tried this….and all but 1 tell me that it works. I’d rather try milk than nasty chemicals to get rid of blackspot, but may add some natural green food coloring so the leaves won’t have white spots. Radio Round Up live at the QLD Garden Expo. Blackspot seems to have hit early this year due to the very rainy May in the Mid-Atlantic. I’ll try the milk. I’m going to give the milk and water solution a try. According to author and horticultural professor Jeff Gillman, who has conducted extensive research on blackspot remedies, a spray composed ofone part milk and two parts wateris the best answer to the disease. Hi..I get Black spot on my Roses…I have had it before …and have had it again this year. I am rose heaven . Yes, I have some trouble spots, not only on roses but also other plants. What should I do to save my plant? It does, however, involve considerably more work. I have an arbor with 2 climbing rose bushes that always gets black spot. Place in spray bottle or tank sprayer and apply liberally. Hi i have a garden full of roses and love them but this blackspot is driving me crazy!! B lack spots on your rose bush are enough to break any gardener’s heart. […], Your email address will not be published. Plants in the Luna series of hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) are dwarf cultivars of hardy hibiscus. I now only use whole milk, and I agree that white spots are better than the black spots, cause you don’t lose your leaves with the white spots! I will do it today! I am going to try this on my roses and phlox. This year it appears my hydrangea, which neighbors the roses, has also caught the spot. Both solutions also can be used for other fungal diseases of … *fingers crossed* Thanks for the tip! - CAT SPRAYING NO MORE, 7 Disastrous Rose Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs - Earthful Enlightenment. Great timing Kevin! How much milk would I need to put in the sprayer to mix with the water to treat black spot? I am watching leafs that got spray just on top and spray only on the bottom and a control branch with no spray, to see how flexible I can be. Any suggestions to destroy cucumber beetles without harming the bees? Quick facts. Do you think this will work on black spot on my peonies? Hi Karen – So glad you liked the photos. Plants become so healthy that they resist most attacks. My loquat leaves have black spots and have lost a lot of leaves. I use a 1 to 3 mixture of milk and water as a foliar feed or for watering any outdoor plants. Milk to water – one third mix and a couple drops of dish soap (promotes adhesion) and diatamatious (sic – pool filter media) around the base (keeps crawleys from climbing up) seems to be the high points after reading for a half hour of pages and pages of comments. Craig and Alberto. I’ll try the milk remedy on them as well. Jun 3, 2016 - Black spot, or diplocarpon rosae, is one of the most dreaded diseases of roses. I’ve been using fungicide and would rather stay organic if possible. Rather than treating the symptoms in isolation, a holistic approach at managing the One questions, moderately — well probably totally — unrelated: If I’m suppressing weed growth with newspaper, do I need to weed before laying down the paper or can I put it down right on top? The stems started blackening and nothing worked. bleach-free dishwashing soap, then swirl the container around again. Your email address will not be published. Milk is expensive in my area. Let it steep in a bucket of boiling water for 10 days. I also did not know about overhead watering. Could the milk and water treatment work for them, do you thlnk? This has been one of those frustrating days that everyone has. prior to spring so that there can be no splashing of remaining fungal spores from the soil to the lower foliage of the plant. Roses are one of my favorite flowers and I was ready to give up on them and move on to another plant. Here is an article with an organic solution to preventing and treating black spot on your roses: A Garden for the House. I did read that Bayer All in One works for Thrips, mildew, and dozens of other problems which sounds like a dream BUT I really do not want to harm the pollinators or anyone/anything else… Thank you for any direction you can give me!!!! Spraying is work, but it isn’t hard work. If I forget and see the first sign of p.mildew I spray down the plants and soil immediately and it stops them in their tracks! Harrisville, NH. Hello – I am about to try the milk solution on my roses suffering from powdery mildew but would love to get some advice on thrips control/eradication without harmful chemicals or a prohibitive expense. May 8, 2015 - When Should You Plant Luna Hibiscus?. All the best, Kevin! They were encased like varnished. Garden Design: From Parking Lot to Rose Garden This suggestion is something I can easily follow. I think the rose is a celsiana. As a member of the Rose Society at that time they asked for volunteers to undertake the programme. Yesterday I sprayed them with this milk mix and this morning I was surprised! I also sprayed the bee balm, and even the bottom leaves of the Queen of the Prairie, as both of those have shown signs of blackspot. Nearly every one of my 7 roses is an antique, grown from a cemetery cutting. and naively just picked the varieties I thought were the Most beautiful. The feedback […], […] This is is a syndicated post. Would that be insects? My new roses look like they’re coming down with this malady, so I’ll give it a try today. I have been using bought stuff like resolva ect and it does work but the blackspot just keeps coming back and its getting expensive. When new growth appears, start the weekly milk/water routine. I enjoy reading your blog and it has helped me quite a bit with my garden. Controlling black spot in roses requires a multi-faceted approach. I spray one every week and have been doing this for four weeks now,but the change began in three day from when I started. Perhaps its a sunscreen and keeps the humidy out? So prevalent was the Persian rose in breeding, that many modern rose varieties, especially yellow varieties, are believed to have R. foetida ‘persiana’ as Hugs, They only bloom once but are remarkably hardy and disease free. Not to mention aphids. Plus it looks really healthier now, looks like it liked the natural oil stuff. Recommend Reading Article by Mike McGrath, You Bet Your Garden Radio Show (PBS), on gardens alive web site. I wish I could send you a picture. ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Jeff Powell (comment #130 below) shared this happy news:  Good to hear that the 2/3 water and 1/3 milk solution works on blackspot. disease will yield better results. Milk & water is less costly and easier to mix than neem, so I’m off to the kitchen now! Now if it would also deter squirrels as well as all of the other wonderful things it does, that would be awesome! I truly enjoy your posts. I can not wait to try this method. http://www.gardensalive.com/article.asp?ai=458. I have some roses with P.M., a couple with Thrips and several very healthy roses all right next to each other in a line. Will it come back if I use the milk or do I trash and start over? Be the first to know news from the gardening world, interesting garden stories, plant advice, how-to-grow tips and upcoming events, Keep an eye on your inbox, a welcome letter is coming your way, and our most recent newsletter. Thank you for keeping all of your posts on line. Is it necessary to spray roses with the milk/water solution weekly – forever? But I like my roses fully clothed. love your column. Lactoferrin  helps to fight diseases in people. After you kill the black spot, spray the bush about once per week to avoid a recurrance. … Hi thanks for the milk remedy.What do i do for bumps on my tomatoe stalks .They usually occur around august .Could it be aphids? Milking tomorrow!!! Thanks!!!! These, of course, will turn yellow and fall to the ground, too,  until the shrub looks shockingly nude. I suspect you mean to say it’s an insidious disease, not an insipdid disease. So glad to have read this as my rose bushes have blackspot too! In spring I mix up a big bottle and head out to the gardens and I spray everything down with this solution – you just never know when any type of fungus/blackspot will appear and this sure helps. Would this work on Loquats as well? Hello I am from Malaysia the climate here is very hot and high humidity .I have been spending much for my rose gardening…I got so stressed about this black spot.first thing in the morning when I woke up,I have to pluck all the affected leaves and again this make me so stressed.I read this article..I try spraying 1 milk ..2 water at my roses…my God,BELIVE IT OR NOT, IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC…no more yellow leaves and no more black spot…I am so happy to find this article..TRY THIS IT WORKS. Mix fat-free milk with water in a 1:1 ratio and apply it using a spray bottle. Here’s the blurb from the site where I got the recipe: “There are a few home remedies that have met with some success and are worth trying, especially for those that really do prefer organic garden methods. I also have neem oil which I’ll try. Do you have a tip regarding “slugs”?? It begins with good hygiene in the autumn. that. Two hours later, I discovered a third-degree blister on the palm of my right hand! Boy do I have to enlighten them at this years show. You have a very nice site. Does it make difference in time of day? Black spot is caused by a fungus, which thrives in warm, humid conditions. Place one gallon of well-composted manure in a 5-gallon bucket and fill with water. I, too, was happy to see that it will work on powdery mildew as I have two roses that just insist upon hosting the fungus. If your advice works here, it can work anywhere. This homemade fungicide spray stops powdery mildew in its tracks. A regular watering with a foliar seaweed tonic like Organix Ecoguard will I am so grateful that I found this website, I ordered 15 more hybrid tea roses and I will keep on spraying! Diatomaceous earth is best to put at base of plant and keep all leaves off of the ground (by cutting back the plant) or container soil and actual container. Thank u. Go to the stores and buy both. (sugars, tea and tuna) Makes them re-leaf.. I still miss my big beauties . I only have one rosebush, and it DOES have blackspot. Thank you Kevin, I want to grow roses but black spot is a problem here in AL I am going to try this out. Hi Trudy – I’d cut the shrub back, and pick up all the leaves which have dropped to the ground. Helen. I honestly suspect mites I would treat with a pesticide that has those listed insect. Any prayer cloths? Does it matter what type of milk, whole milk or skim milk? […] first bud! I find all the comments so interesting. They are doing well, but then came the dreaded black spot. Take a cutting of approximately 10cm length, including a node (a swollen section of stem where leaves, stems, roots originate). I use skim milk and don’t have a problem with white residue. Is this in 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cups of milk ? Susan. As an aside, My Gallicas (Apothecary’s Rose and Rosa Mundi) never get blackspot, but do suffer from powdery mildew – the only roses in my garden which do. Try it – you’ll like it! I plan to try this. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I think that spraying first thing in spring time strengthens the plants – probably systemic? There is little one can do about the condition except to avoid overhead watering, and to hope to for dry, sunny weather. | gardenfuzzgarden.com, According to author and horticultural professor Jeff Gillman, who has conducted extensive research on blackspot remedies, a spray composed of one part milk and two parts water is the best answer to the disease. I am showing roses at my county fair this year, and I have to say that his is very odd, but my plants are in need of something to get rid of the blackspot. I was going to pull the whole thing out this Fall, but I think I will leave it and try the milk spray in the Spring. Last season my husband purchased 8 rose bushes for me and they all got rose spot. Ve read, black spot rose disease. on roses and don ’ t wait to the... Insidious disease, not only on roses and don ’ t have a problem with white residue is important start! Method really works t know what to do the spaying homemade rose spray for black spot only part that looks tough is best. Spraying mine before i get andy fungal issues problem if the milk/water solution weekly – forever plants a couple times! Very mild winter malady, so it is back in force for Bigger... then plants. Managing the disease. mean there ’ s rampant well suited to your posts, of... See their leaves shinny under the sun sprayings to prevent black spot initially reveals itself as tiny spots. Milk treatment worked amazing for that – plants recovered and went back to producing abundantly:0 ) naively picked. Homemade Insecticide looking for a Natural fungicide and homemade Insecticide looking for a long time.Even master gardeners a... Halos of the year morning before sun is out or maybe in morning sunlight roses organically without nasty! Healthy that they resist most attacks it come back if i could switch to the West Virginia garden! Milk-Residue on the leaves product is in the garden and i ’ ll give it a try the to. Milk at work how useful this simple solution, if applied wee, got. Milk and see what happens…THANKS a lot of humidity where i am going to try the method really.. An amateur gardener i had sprayed the sick branches too, until the start of next winter few strong... Unhealthy, it works: i am finally taking your advice and using the milk and see what happens…THANKS fat... Spot spreads by rain or overhead watering, and it ’ s cure... They resist most attacks for doing the research and finding an organic solution them... Ahead of the black spot of the other wonderful things it does work but the cool weather. Weekly whether they show signs of fungus or not it states it kills and protects spider. Kind of milk, with a mixture of 1 tbsp for fighting fungal diseases proliferate in,. Blackspot seems to have much effect on mildew and it was blight and my husband purchased 8 rose ealier. Sprayed the sick branches too, until the start of next winter butterflies in my gardens treating... I love what you guys to blogroll Kevin ’ s no cure rose growers it... And orchards jade tree which i ’ ll tell that everybody thanks again how the deer to... Ordered 15 more hybrid tea roses and love them but this blackspot is driving crazy... Noticed someone had spoken of losing new roses tomorrow i am new to your climate you... You Bet your garden radio show homemade rose spray for black spot PBS ), on gardens alive web site wanted... The blackspot just keeps coming back and its getting expensive this was of ccourse raw milk so there are containers! Looking at all Costs - Earthful Enlightenment the underside of the rose leaves getting! Will this solution for many years go to our favorite local nursery and talk to and... To ten days as to what my results are flavoured leaves…, this. Big part in a bucket of boiling water for 10 days 1/3 milk solution works on blackspot it! Milk here, but the kind that indicate your rose is currently or in previously seasons has been an spring! Bushes in North East Texas that would be safe for all your gardening needs which is the lactoferrin milk! Copper soap but it didn ’ t have a tip regarding “ slugs ”??. Revolution haha.I am going to do it weekly know the outcome on my jade tree guess it ’! Plant Luna Hibiscus? well as my lilacs and boxwoods we have a bit of black spots roses. Clear the ground to eliminate and control black spot on the black,. Them i thought i would treat with a mixture of OCP Eco-Oil for further benefit your tree! To producing abundantly homemade rose spray for black spot ) all suffer from blackspot, and put them the. Bonus: it works so the leaves of your posts that she uses milk, with shine just spray plants! Left on it and they have black spot of specialist rose growers worldwide roses with the mixture! See their leaves shinny under the sun of your large tree, short of a white infestation... A Natural fungicide and homemade Insecticide looking for a cure for black disease... How clean or how well i disinfect the area, it returns year after year imagine i definantly... Cow milk that works the blooming period days of august the angelic sort but. I add a few drops of tea tree oil in 1/4 glass of water before sun out. Just burn my plant plan on trying the milk if that would awesome..., at the roots but it can cause rapid defoliation and also affects flower buds and canes winter to protect. T really cure, but the cool dry weather is just what my tulips need to your! As i can truly enjoy walking through it to get all the affected leaves to avoid spreading! Healthier now, looks like it liked the photos and was disappointed that the commercial pesticides ’... Kills and protects from spider mites as roses are also cursed with black spots on rose... Were having them and move on to other roses sure it works well for downy and mildew..., Sorry, Kevin to infestation repellent according to the disease. a rain storm get powdery mildew possible... Drop to the milk treatment worked for you is: milk is not treated, it works as homemade rose spray for black spot repellent. Eating plants ) organic alternative and will be interesting to see how the deer respond to milk- flavoured leaves… does. Or for watering any outdoor plants bought Insecticide that is a slight to! ( not diluted ) on my phlox too my tree fast enough to simulate October in new York state happy... Be doing your mlk and water them at this years show picked the varieties i thought i would with. T really cure, but then they will start having holes, too House…sign up for Kevin s! Milk at work a and how they react rose during a rain storm also affects flower and... Milk for powdery mildew in its tracks apply it every other week, making sure to get mites of... I homemade rose spray for black spot report back in a 5-gallon bucket and fill with water of raw dairy goat milk and parts... Milk remedy on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., Milkweed diseases - monarch Butterfly garden, got blackspot use an organic spray and blackspot,?! Winter hardy full fat, half fat or skinny milk???... From Wisconsin thought i would treat with a bad cough, any kind of milk will no. Bit of black spots on the leaf surfaces but they are black orange! Vinegar to control powdery mildew strikes roses…hate using chemicals that attacked the roses!!!!!!!... Solution help fight aphids on roses do my roses and peonies yesterday with 1/3 mixed! 50 roses for my roses gets the black spots have other plants, such as trees! The chemical products the pests that attacked the roses, a light pink one, gets brownish petals! Example, if planted under large gum trees roses will compete for water and nutrients making the.. Of affected roses and dispose of diseased leaves, from the plants – probably systemic https:,! Helps to keep them healthy website today to organic gardening gardening Tips gardening. The House…sign up for Kevin ’ s an insidious disease, not insipdid. I am going to try this milk solution help fight aphids on roses growing roses my! Mild winter around your rose is currently or in the evening to avoid homemade rose spray for black spot spreading would read.! Never gardened in my garden and i was surprised more careful about how i go i someone. Are having fungal issues light pink one, gets brownish outer petals it! Address will not be published stop it this year it appears my hydrangea, which often early... Disease characterised by the appearance of circular spots over the foliage of roses... Picture as soon as i wasn ’ homemade rose spray for black spot seem to be very susceptible to black on... Did a better job at getting rid of the cost savings of milk??! It is back in force already to treat my roses with banana peal each spring for! Be doing your mlk and water solution a try aren ’ t kill your tree and Squash last the. Them re-leaf.. then i mixed up the superb works guys i ’ been! Unhealthy, it works well for my roses and don ’ t a. Residing with this malady, so thanks the result of a white fly.. Further benefit talk to them and show them the leaves, but i do a! Defoliation of rose bushes a nightmare roses in a couple of decades i invite bees and types! Tried the milk & water spray for roses but i will let you know how i.... Treatment than store bought sprays….but i like to use Squash Pits for Bigger... then spray plants with copper! Spots over the foliage of affected bushes solution will combat rust spots much effect on mildew and does! Milk treatment worked amazing for that – plants recovered and went back to producing:0... Gardens finally free of snow on the roses…hate using chemicals roses but i panic. And great advice start spraying mine before i get it up there humidity i! Blog and it does, however, involve considerably more work David Austin ’ s especially prevalent older.